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About Us

Cedeno's Pharmacy is one of the leading pharmacies in the industry, built on the reputation of good service and excellent client care. We provide pharmaceutical solutions that address the greater community.

After 75 years in the pharmaceutical business, our services have spanned across generations, making us true experts in our field.

High-quality personalized healthcare is what you deserve. Because our overall goal is to provide better therapeutic outcomes, our pharmacists dedicate themselves to creating an expedited and hassle-free care journey for each patient. Providing our patients access and engaging them to become proactive in the management of their health, we venture beyond basic care. We offer a comprehensive drug management service that is patient-specific to ensure personalized information and exceptional personalized care. Cedeno's Pharmacy provides the guidance you need to better manage your health.


In the past years, Cedeno's Pharmacy has compartmentalized our pharmaceutical services to provide a broader spectrum of care. With the integration of information systems, we were able to expand and amplify the type of services we provide.

Our goal is to help our patients stay healthy. From automated and individualized refill calls, dosage reminders, expedited deliveries 6 days a week, and a dedicated team of professionals, we can guarantee results.

Because Cedeno's pharmacy is constantly expanding the continuum of care model to ensure it matches the unique needs of our patients, we are able to provide solutions.

We are a complete pharmacy for your wellness.